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collection of costumes and objects on air, VideoWalk + QR_Codes @ the vulkanEifel. Eva Baumann – dance, Monika Golla – sound, Elisabeth am Kaiser – voice

absence#3 - deconstruction of time

"TIMEsphere" airbjekt on stage absence#3 by Ilona Pászthy, cologne. premiere @ barnescrossing, february, 02–2023


airbjekt on stage "BIRD" as a part of the danceperformance "LUFT/AIR" for all ages by Nir de Volff and Theater o.N. Berlin.
premiere @ DOCK11 on march, 02-2023

luftobjekte // movingspaces

by Frank Fierke

active ARTsites & unexpected interventions in public-space - field of work
Arbeitsfelder – installation experimentell & KUNST im öffentlichen Raum

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